Thankful FOUR

IMG_4651New heights that I reached on my last trip.

IMG_3960Fresh fruits that make delightful treats on hot summer days.

IMG_4161Beautiful vine covered office buildings. IMG_9277The opportunity to see Flamingos for the first time! I was so excited I took about 20 photos!

What are YOU thankful for?


Desert Road

IMG_4386I recently visited Palm Desert, California. It was a relaxing and enjoyable time with one of my favorite travel companions of all time! The road trip up and around the area was so beautiful that I stopped so often along the road to admire the views and take photos!


IMG_4393|ABOVE| Forever21 Dress, J.Crew Scarf, Easy Spirit Sandals and Warby Parker glassesIMG_4379


IMG_4396|PHOTOGRAPHY by S.P  +  STYLING by Buki Peters |

STYLE TIP: When exploring desert roads, wear light colors to say cool and keep a scarf handy in case of dust storms.

Local Luv: National Air & Space Museum (Udvar-Hazy Center )

IMG_0461This week’s Local Luv feature is the remarkable Udvar-Hazy Center also known as the National Air and Space Museum. Located in Chantilly, Virginia, the facade of building is a modern work of art and as a part of the Smithsonian Institute its’ exhibits and shows are of the very best quality. On display are thousands of aviation and space artifacts, including the space shuttle Discovery! Also house in the Center is the Airbus IMAX® Theater  and an Observation Tower, with a bird’s-eye view of Washington Dulles International Airport.

I took my nieces there for a day of exploration and learning and we had a blast! My favorite part was getting to watch the planes take off from the cafe while enjoying our lunch. It was a fun visit and next time I’d like to experience the IMAX theater and the Observation tower.

Until then, go visit the museum and do share what you enjoyed most!





INSIDER’S TIP: Do secure your belongings (bags, lunches etc) in the lockers provided on the main floor. It is just 25cents to use (which you get back when you open it) and it will save you the hassle of lugging excess baggage with you all around the museum.

FUN FACT: Through out the year there are fun events and seminars which range from concerts to the history of flight and most of them are complimentary!

Thankful FOUR

IMG_4065A delectable meal with friends at Acqua al Due.

IMG_3988Places in DC that transport me to Europe.

IMG_4054One of my favorite flowers beautifully displayed at The Farmer’s Market

IMG_3286 The rich blue evening sky and the Georgetown city lights.

Now it’s your turn, Comment below and share: what is your Thankful 4?


Yellow Ankara Dress

IMG_8519It is commonly advised by many to walk the less traveled path. Such advice is very well at times but lately I am beginning to realize how encouraging it is to walk on already paved roads. There is a different kind of learning that is experienced when you listen to and share with someone that has been on the journey you are about to embark on and it can be a privilege to glen wisdom from those ahead of us.

This may come in many forms it could be professionally, relationally, educationally or even spiritually but how wonderful it is to learn and grow at ever season of life.

Now to my Sartorial thoughts: Above is one of my favorite Ankara dresses. My darling aunt got me the fabric from Nigeria as a gift and I designed this dress for myself. I feel very comfortable and feminine in it and enjoy twirling in city and the country with this lovely dress!




IMG_8629|ABOVE| OLUBUKUNMI Dress, J.Crew Jacket, Banana Republic Shoes, Vintage Hat + Vintage Porcelain Earrings


IMG_8490  IMG_8530|PHOTOGRAPHY by K.M   +  STYLING by Buki Peters |

STYLE TIP: When wearing a bold print dress opt for a solid coverup like I did with my denim jacket. It creates a less busy look and gives your admirers a place to rest their eyes when checking out your outfit.

Blue Jeans and a tank

IMG_8953August is such a fun summer month. It is the last month of summer vacation and somehow it reminds me of all the warm day classics I need to wear before the warmth is gone. One of these classic looks is the tank top and jeans look. It is usually worn with a white tank but I thought grey suited me better today. And my all tine favorite thing to do is to dress up my face, not with makeup but with a Nigerian Adire scarf and my fancy specs. It’s as simple as that!

imageGap tank top, H&M Denim, Vintage belt, DIY pearl button necklace, Converse shoes + Warby Parker glasses and Remnant Scarf


IMG_8930 |PHOTOGRAPHY by Mrs. P   +  STYLING by Buki Peters |

STYLE TIP: Frame your face by tying a scarf or wearing fabulous glasses (prescription, non-prescription or sunglasses work).


Thankful FOUR

IMG_3170French cafes that transport me to Paris.

IMG_1854Wide open spaces perfect for impromptu cartwheels or wild dance moves.

IMG_3622Delicious Vegetables, my favorite sort of indulgence.

IMG_3642My friend Kellie, who gave took me to a Billy Joel concert (with great seats!!) then got up and danced next to me! Yay!

Local Luv: Maymont Estate


Today’s Local Feature comes from the remarkable city of Richmond, VA. Within the 100 acres of The Maymont Victorian Estate are breath-taking Italian and Japanese gardens, an Arboretum, a Children’s farm and a Wildlife exhibit which serves as a sanctuary for Injured and orphaned animals.

I spent hours marveling at the century old incredibly curated tree collection, noted as one of the best Arboretums on the East coast! Maymont is a delightful place to visit, it transports you to a different places depending on the garden you are in or landscape you are surrounded by. It is also a FREE park with easy to access paths and a trolley at a small charge.IMG_1847










IMG_1882|PHOTOGRAPHY and ADVENTURES by  Buki Peters + K.M |

INSIDER’S TIP: As you more from one garden to the next, be careful to follow the cleared paths set out by the landscape architects. The gardens are laid out so you can only see one at a time, making you fully enjoy each one with out the distraction of what garden is to come. In this particular instance, it is very rewarding to follow the rules.

FUN FACT: There are over 200 species of exotic plants and trees represented at the Maymont Estate. SO COOL for a tree hugger like me! (I’m half kidding about the tree hugging bit)