In between Seasons


photo-1|Wearing: Vintage lace blouse, J.Crew Denim Jacket, H&M faux leather pants, A Vintage brooch and Franco Santo shoes|

IMG_9573| Styling by Buki Peters and Photography by M.Peters|

 STYLE TIP: During that in between warm weather and cold weather stage when seasons transition have a little fun layering pieces from both seasons.

I especially like mixing textures. Above, I layered a soft lace tank with smooth faux leather pants and a sturdy denim jacket. And to add a bit of fun to my look, I opted for vibrant scarf instead of a wool hat.

The State of The Blog

IMG_9536There has been little activity here lately. I know. I took some time to reflect and recharge these past week as I worked on expressing what you are about to read.  I will try to give you a heads up next time I take an unexpected break if I can and when I can not, I thank you in advance for your grace.

A few months ago I mentioned HERE  that I would had been going through a time of learning and reflection. I promised to share what I had been reflecting on and learning with you, so here it is: DISCLAIMER- This is a LONG post!

The State of the Blog
I began James1542 almost 4 winters ago as a space for Mens style inspiration and projects. Yes, this was intended to be a Menswear blog hence half the reason for its name.

It was my goal to photograph men around Northern Virginia and DC who were stylish but I alas, few men wanted to be photographed and publicly  appreciated for their style sense.

After soliciting some of my stylish friends for posts I decided to venture out of the male box and take photos of ladies and then I turned the camera on myself. Funny how this is my new comfort zone but hey, you never know until you try right?

James1542 has come very far since December 2010  when I was secretly posting just for myself. Since then, I have been pleasantly surprised at how kind YOU all have been to read, comment and share my posts. Thank you!

I have also learned a few things on this journey which I would like to take a long with me as I continue:

1. It is important to venture out and just try something new, just because it makes you happy, This is why I started this blog. I didn’t plan it out perfectly, I just began because I wanted to have fun curating something of my own.

2. I have learned that community is important to both encourage personal journeys and passions no matter what they may be. This is a huge reason why keep posting because, friends ask me when I will post next or why I have been silent on the blog.

3. I have learned that change is inevitable and therefore should be welcomed and used to develop and thrive.

Blog Transition Time
I have enjoyed the style blog identity for a while but as you can see I have started broadening my horizon. The blog will be going through a transitional phase in the next few months. I will begin to make visible changes in the content as this becomes a LIFESTYLE blog.

Soon, James1542 will no longer be the blog name and I will begin to share in a more intimate way with you. Which means the blog will reflect a more wholesome view of my creative and personal interests.
Style posts will continue in moderation but there will be some features added and others taken away.

I will be experimenting quite a bit so I would really appreciate your feedback during this time. Please email: James1542blog at or just send me a message by clicking on the contact link at the top of the blog… Blog names, topics and feature ideas are welcome!

If you read all the way to the end, you are a SUPERSTAR, Thank you!
Here’s to Infinity and Beyond!

Thankful FOUR

IMG_5148I’m incredibly thankful for the owner of these awe inspiring shoes. She is a person whose calm brings me out my giddy side and whose company renews to my soul. I celebrated her wedding this past weekend, a magnificent occasion in which I cried, laughed, danced, felt my heart expand in joy and my stomach fill up with butterflies.

Nanc, you are a gem, beautifully crafted by God and a vision of light, hope and encouragement from every angle. What a joy to celebrate you and the Jessman! I am truly elated for you both!

IMG_5197New York, the city that connected me to some of my BEST friends of all time.

IMG_5063Two scoops of gelato, a reminder of my favorite Florentine Gelateria.

IMG_5231Jen’s eyes, which compose some of my all time favorite photographs before they are born.

What, or who are you thankful for?


A Quiet Afternoon

IMG_9332In a world full of noise and constant distractions, afternoons of quiet reflection invigorate my soul, refresh my  body and renew my mind.


IMG_9312|Wearing: Consignment Boutique Vintage Dress, Warby Parker glasses, Olubukunmi Custom Ring and Thrifted Bangles|IMG_9362

IMG_9400|Shot on location at The Ayres Hotel in Manhattan Beach California|| Styling by Buki Peters and Photography by S.Peters|


Thankful FOUR

IMG_4651New heights that I reached on my last trip.

IMG_3960Fresh fruits that make delightful treats on hot summer days.

IMG_4161Beautiful vine covered office buildings. IMG_9277The opportunity to see Flamingos for the first time! I was so excited I took about 20 photos!

What are YOU thankful for?


Desert Road

IMG_4386I recently visited Palm Desert, California. It was a relaxing and enjoyable time with one of my favorite travel companions of all time! The road trip up and around the area was so beautiful that I stopped so often along the road to admire the views and take photos!


IMG_4393|ABOVE| Forever21 Dress, J.Crew Scarf, Easy Spirit Sandals and Warby Parker glassesIMG_4379


IMG_4396|PHOTOGRAPHY by S.P  +  STYLING by Buki Peters |

STYLE TIP: When exploring desert roads, wear light colors to say cool and keep a scarf handy in case of dust storms.

Locals Luv: National Air & Space Museum (Udvar-Hazy Center )

IMG_0461This week’s Locals Luv feature is the remarkable Udvar-Hazy Center also known as the National Air and Space Museum. Located in Chantilly, Virginia, the facade of building is a modern work of art and as a part of the Smithsonian Institute its’ exhibits and shows are of the very best quality. On display are thousands of aviation and space artifacts, including the space shuttle Discovery! Also house in the Center is the Airbus IMAX® Theater  and an Observation Tower, with a bird’s-eye view of Washington Dulles International Airport.

I took my nieces there for a day of exploration and learning and we had a blast! My favorite part was getting to watch the planes take off from the cafe while enjoying our lunch. It was a fun visit and next time I’d like to experience the IMAX theater and the Observation tower.

Until then, go visit the museum and do share what you enjoyed most!





INSIDER’S TIP: Do secure your belongings (bags, lunches etc) in the lockers provided on the main floor. It is just 25cents to use (which you get back when you open it) and it will save you the hassle of lugging excess baggage with you all around the museum.

FUN FACT: Through out the year there are fun events and seminars which range from concerts to the history of flight and most of them are complimentary!