Local Luv: Maymont Estate


Today’s Local Feature comes from the remarkable city of Richmond, VA. Within the 100 acres of The Maymont Victorian Estate are breath-taking Italian and Japanese gardens, an Arboretum, a Children’s farm and a Wildlife exhibit which serves as a sanctuary for Injured and orphaned animals.

I spent hours marveling at the century old incredibly curated tree collection, noted as one of the best Arboretums on the East coast! Maymont is a delightful place to visit, it transports you to a different places depending on the garden you are in or landscape you are surrounded by. It is also a FREE park with easy to access paths and a trolley at a small charge.IMG_1847










IMG_1882|PHOTOGRAPHY and ADVENTURES by  Buki Peters + K.M |

INSIDER’S TIP: As you more from one garden to the next, be careful to follow the cleared paths set out by the landscape architects. The gardens are laid out so you can only see one at a time, making you fully enjoy each one with out the distraction of what garden is to come. In this particular instance, it is very rewarding to follow the rules.

FUN FACT: There are over 200 species of exotic plants and trees represented at the Maymont Estate. SO COOL for a tree hugger like me! (I’m half kidding about the tree hugging bit)

Thankful FOUR

IMG_4557Almost a decade of friendship with this gorgeous lady!

IMG_0585The Citi bike-share which takes me all around the most beautiful sites in D.C.

IMG_6735Sweet Poetry

IMG_7516Muddy shoes which mean I have been on an adventure!

Thankful FOUR


Landscapes that happen to match my outfitsIMG_2146

The best guacamole everIMG_2987Huge trees that keep me humble  IMG_8748Night Scenes of the Potomac river and Georgetown

Thankful FOUR

IMG_0556Secret spots with great views of the Washington DC monuments.IMG_1004Gracious photographers who will ascend to incredible heights and descend into uncomfortable depths to capture a great image.

Birthday flowersGifted friends like Emily, who make beautiful floral arrangements. IMG_2025Great company and an unobstructed view of this year’s Independence Day Fireworks.

Now it’s your turn to share, what are YOU thankful for?


Baby blue topper

IMG_8819This past weekend, I decided to take a walk down memory lane…. OK. I’ll be honest here, I decided to take my new hat and glasses for a walk (which happened to be down my favorite childhood path).

So come along with me and I’ll give you a mini tour down this now paved path…








IMG_8818|ABOVE| Betsy & Cornelia Vintage Hat + Warby Parker Glasses



IMG_8897|ABOVE| F21 Dress (as a top), J.Crew Jacket, W&W skirt, Nordstrom sandals and DIY belt, Pom pom pin + ring


IMG_8914|PHOTOGRAPHY by K.M   +  STYLING by Buki Peters |


Local Luv: Roosevelt Island

IMG_7376Many months ago when I was itching to travel abroad, a dear friend of mine made it his mission to travel with me locally. Since then we have become local tourists, exploring the best of  Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia (DMV). As a result of my local adventures, I now see why so many tourists are drawn to the DMV area, there is are so many gems to explore!

Today, I present Roosevelt Island to you! It is a small man-made Island on the Potomac River between George Washington Memorial Parkway and Georgetown. It is a FREE national park with trails that take you through the beautiful swamp lands and wooded parts.


IMG_1023  IMG_7545






IMG_7236  IMG_7241    IMG_7249

IMG_1003|PHOTOGRAPHY and ADVENTURES by  Buki Peters + K.M |

INSIDER’S TIP: Use the map at the entrance of the Park to figure out how to get into the swamp area. It is the most beautiful and you would want to spend the majority of your time in the lush green canopy.

FUN FACT: Most of the Park is Wheelchair accessible making it a 5 star park in my book!

Thankful FOUR

IMG_7641Mid week treats: Delicious Macaroons from Danielle’s Desserts!  IMG_1154Artwork by Young Artists (aka my nieces) IMG_8484Botanical Garden visits: Especially Meadowlark Gardens IMG_0374Getting to see this view again : Kennedy Center 4th of July Rooftop Soiree

Thank you to all the faithful Men and Women who serve our country so we can celebrate our freedom each year!

Happy Independence Day weekend USA!